Case Studies

Plastic manufacturer for the DIY industry – We are selling goods to Eastern Europe (Austria & Hungary) in DDU terms.We were using the shipping lines service to deliver our cargo to the final destinations.  We were tied to 1 shipping line rates and service since all the other shipping lines do not offer the delivery only the sea freight.  We met Memnon’s team and gave them the opportunity to offer us rate to final destination.We were surprised to find out a significant difference between Memnon and the shipping line, Memnon offered us up to 15% less in total cost. Memnon offered us few shipping lines with different routings, closing dates, sailing time and local charges. Also Memnon took care of updating our clients, sending our documents and improving our service level.
DIY Seller - We were shipping goods to Poland in DDU terms with the shipping line service.Many times we hade to change the final destination wile the goods were all ready on board.The shipping line were always charging us extras and making the procedure very difficult.Since we started using Memnon Cross Trade Logistics we are much more flexible with our shipments, we are not obligated to 1-2 shipping lines who offer the DDU service and the number of up dates we get is much higher.
Trading company  – We were buying goods in South Africa and sending to Chez Republic. Our seller was handling the shipments for us and including the shipping price in the product, His local forwarder was obligated to his needs and not to ours.We had a problem beating the local manufacturer delivery times, prices, service and maintaining profit. We saw Memnon on one of our web searches and requested them to quote us rates and tell about the service.Today we are buying the goods in EXW terms, we get few shipping options, more free days for our clients to unload the goods and return the containers and of course we managed to save up to 8% in the total costs.


DIY chain store - We were buying and importing goods from Israel and sending them to our ware houses all over Europe. Our rate for the products included the delivery up to destination port or up to our ware houses. We found out together with Memnon Cross Trade Logistics that we can save between to USD 200 to USD 600 per container, get more shipping alternatives and get more credit plus dedication of 100% to us and not to the shipper. We immediately changed our buying terms some to FOB and some to EXW. Today after 3 months we are in much better control as the manufactures can’t sell us stories about dates and local charges, we increased our orders and we feel much safer.