Air Freight

Memnon LTD. Offer air consolidations and forwarding. 

 We provide airfreight to shippers of all sizes.

Daily flights to most of the world on various carriers with different type of service.

Air freight is a premium and high cost service, so we focuses on quick transit,

24/7 communication, with the ability to cost saving opportunities.

Memnon Cross trade Logistics will spread the options for you to choose the best.

Air Freight


Global Services

  • Inland transportation to final destination with quick respond and various options.
  • Follow up from pick up to last point of delivery.
  • Insurance for the whole trip or part of it.
  • Packing and collecting from any origin.
  • Documentation of any kind (LC, certificate of origin…)

Air Freight Services

  • Consolidation
  • Direct IATA
  • Door to airport
  • Airport to airport
  • Door to door
  • Airport to door