Jordan-Sheik Hessian-Haifa

Memnon offers throe it’s daughter company GES transshipment services Jordan <-> Sheik Hessian bridge <-> Haifa and back.

This service saves time as we can bring goods from Jordan to Europe in 7 days!

As well we can import goods from Europe to Jordan 7 days average.

from the world to Jordan:

from Turkey to Amman        => 5 days

From Italy to Amman           => 8 days

From Greece to Amman      => 6 days

From Argentina to Amman  => 30 days

From USA to Amman              => 18 days

From Jordan to the world:

From Haifa direct service to the following ports:

FOS                        => 5 days  DIRECT (2 times a week)

Koper                    => 5 days DIRECT (2 times a week)

Novorossiysk   => 5 days DIRECT (2 times a week)

Salerno                => 3 days from Ashdod DIRECT (2 times a week)

Rotterdam          => 13 days DIRECT (2 times a week)

Hamburg             => 14 days DIRECT (2 times a week)

Valencia              => 5 days DIRECT (2 tiems a week)

New York            => 11 days DIRECT

Turkey                  => from 1-5 days depends on port of destination (2 times a week)

And more destination.

 These services save time for fresh fruit as well as many times the price from Europe VIA Aqaba to Amman is similar VIA Haifa to Amman (Haifa much faster).

 For any questions do not hesitate to contact us